Welcome to the Best Interests of the Child Review (BIC)

This is the review children and families have been waiting for.

Every year, thousands of families in England and Wales reach out to their local authorities for support, but many find their requests are ignored or result in the forced removal of their children, often on questionable grounds.

While only a small minority of parents intentionally hurt their children or cause them harm – with the majority of families struggling because of poverty and other circumstances through no fault of their own – research tells us that a disproportionate number of children enter the care system.

The intrusive and outdated ways in which the social care sector approaches child welfare matters, and the families it is meant to serve, have been documented by pioneering researchers.

These practices are increasingly being called into question in research with a human rights focus, which suggests for example, that many current social work policies and family law instruments are breaching children’s and families’ right to family life.

The Best Interests of the Child Review (BIC) — the first ever parent led review of social care in the UK –will uncover the reality of children’s social care in England and Wales for children and their families, and find the best ways to support them.

The review will produce the first ever body of research featuring only those evidence-based children’s social care practices which have been proven to help children and families in need, and which help to keep those families together.

BIC offers children and families who have been brutalised by the child protection system in England and Wales a safe space to heal and find help whenever they need it.

It will also do what no other review before it has done: tell the truth.

Image credit: we are very grateful to Jason Hedley for creating the lovely logo for the review.

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